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When I get resumes with cover letters in, Should you staple a 2-page resume? Answer: Do not staple the There are several schools of thought as to when you should use one or two pages on your resume, but if you you should do that you staple a two page letter?.

Career Advice; Resume Writing Use the information uncovered during your research to guide your cover letter development. You may have found "If they do, that Although you'll be binding the pages together, Place your resume and cover letter inside a protective plastic document sleeve..

Do not staple the resume; Always proofread your resume before you send it! Follow the same steps as you did with your resumes when you put together your cover letters Usually employers do not like generic resumes and cover letters,.

Do You Staple Cover Letter To Resume -

Should I staple it or After you create your Do not staple. Your name should Keep cover letters with your resume in Word. To keep your cover letter and your resume together, you can create them in the same document and use a separate. Joined: May 15, Messages: Likes Received: 0.

Feb 6, I would say neither. I always had a mini portfolio with items in an envelope, or in a project folder that would be three hole punched and have all the items in it. I included a cover letter, resume, philosophy statement, and a couple letters of rec in each packet to drop off at each school. Joined: Feb 7, Messages: 2, Likes Received: Feb 6, At job fairs, I used folders.

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I have a two page resume big no no, I know, but didn't keep me from getting a job and I think I may have stapled that together. I had a cover letter, resume, three letters of rec standard in CA , and a copy of my credential in one pocket of the folder and a brochure I made in the other pocket. I had a business card with my contact info in the folder's little business card holder, and on the front cover my name and elementary teacher or something on a label with clip art.

Maybe that was more info than you were asking for, but it proved to be an effective strategy for me. I landed my current job because of a job fair. Joined: Jun 7, Messages: 7, Likes Received: 3. Feb 6, Folders. JustMe , Feb 6, Just write it out on a pad of post it notes, then they can separate, attach, and arrange them to their liking. Originally posted by: Twista STIcky tack. KLin Lifer. Feb 29, 29, 26 Just use a piece of ABC gum.

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Train Lifer. Jun 22, 13, 8 81 www. I'm surprised so many people picked paper clip. Most employers will seperate it, lose a page or two, get annoyed, toss it. Especially if they are looking at a lot of resumes at once. Staple keeps it together. Demon-Xanth Lifer.


Feb 15, 20, 2 Many companies scan resumes, don't staple. Mar 3, 49, Originally posted by: Train I'm surprised so many people picked paper clip. Nov 12, 3, 0 Aug 28, 52, Err paperclip. Chryso Diamond Member.

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Nov 23, 4, 1 Shiny clear plastic folder just like in seventh grade. Oyeve Lifer. Oct 18, 20, Just hand to them in an envelope or folder. And always carry several copies with you and mention the fact that you have more copies with you in case they need it.


They will appreciate the fact and your chances of getting the job will be higher.

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staple cover letter to resume Staple cover letter to resume
staple cover letter to resume Staple cover letter to resume
staple cover letter to resume Staple cover letter to resume
staple cover letter to resume Staple cover letter to resume
staple cover letter to resume Staple cover letter to resume

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