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Trees give us food and many other products. Humans have used almost any and every tree to their benefit. Trees are life to many animals that entirely depend on trees. Trees are immensely useful to us. In forests, many animals stay on the trees; others come to them to rest or to feed. Still, others use them to raise their offspring. Humans are using trees for its wood, by which many things like furniture, paper, etc can be made.

Some trees are used for medicine, rubber, fruits, etc. For all these uses, it has been seen that trees are been cut at a very large scale. These days, forests are getting clear by cutting trees for making factories, new townships, wider roads, railways, entertainment centers and so on. This is resulting in many problems like pollution, global warming, soil erosion, and many birds and animals.

It is high time that we should now start saving trees. There are many reasons to save trees.

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Few of the main reasons why trees should be saved are mentioned below. Trees help clean the air, reducing heat, and absorbing pollutants, provide cool shade to animals. Tree battle soil erosion saves fresh water, and after the storm reduces water flow and deposits. These provide us with excellent nourishment. Wood from alternative trees is used as fuel for preparation and for warming homes forested areas get better rainfall compared to areas with no tree cover. When trees respire, they release oxygen that all living beings need for their survival.

They give us so much, taking almost nothing in return! They provide us with a charming surrounding and share their wealth with us so selflessly. Therefore, it is our duty that we must play an important role in saving trees and spreading awareness about this.

See if there's a nursery nearby that shares your views on trees and could give your group a discount on baby trees. Method 2. Stop using paper towels, napkins and tissues. Reducing your use of paper products in order to save trees can seem abstract, since millions of new trees must be planted each year to sustain the paper industry. But it's important to start seeing the connection between the trees you love and the products you use. If you're passionate about saving trees, you may want to look for ways to use fewer paper products in your daily life.

It's a simple change that can reduce a lot of unnecessary waste. Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins. They're more elegant, anyway. Use handkerchiefs instead of tissues. It might take some getting used to, but handkerchiefs are actually softer on your skin than tissues, so you might like them better. Use reusable containers instead of paper lunch bags. If you must use a paper product, always buy the recycled version.

At least you'll know it's not made from virgin pulp. Buy recycled toilet paper. Going completely toilet paper free is not in the cards for most people, since it would require a significant lifestyle change. However, just making the choice to buy recycled toilet paper, even though it costs a few cents more, can make a difference.

Here are a few other things you can do to cut back on toilet paper use: Use only as much as you need, rather than using whirls of toilet paper each time you use the bathroom. If you're really hardcore, consider using a bidet or washing rather than using toilet paper. Some people have even made the switch to using cloth toilet paper. Buy a reusable coffee mug. If you're a daily coffee drinker, and every morning you buy your latte in a disposable cardboard cup usually with a disposable cardboard sleeve there's a more tree-friendly system you can start using.

Get a plastic or ceramic reusable coffee container and start bringing it with you each morning. As a bonus, most coffee shops offer a slight discount when you bring in your own container.

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Choose the paperless options for bills. This simple switch will make your life less cluttered and reduce the number of dead trees on your conscience. If you still get paper bills sent to your house, go online and make the switch to the paperless option. You can opt to receive notifications that a bill is due via email, rather than having to check the mail.

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Buy sustainable sourced wood products. If you're in the market for new furniture or building materials, think twice before buying lumber at your local big box home improvement store. Take the time to track down wood products that have the Forest Stewardship Alliance seal, which indicates that they were sourced in a sustainable way with minimal impact on the forest. Antique furniture is often made with strong, durable wood that will last many years, so it's a good investment. Eat less beef. The production of domestic meat in general requires tons of resources.

Factory farms need space, water and food for animals they raise for food.

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Beef products are particularly hard on trees, since Amazonian rain forests are being cut down to make way for cattle ranches. When you do eat beef, buy it from a local farmer or a source you know and trust. If you live in a rural area where deer are plentiful, then hunt for your meat within season.

While it may be difficult to find a deer and kill the animal yourself, this is actually a very natural and environmentally sound way to obtain nutritious meat for yourself and others.

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Method 3. Learn about the state of forests. Forests in Brazil, Russia, Canada and other parts of the world are being cut down or burned by forest fires every day. Since forests play an essential part in keeping our planet healthy, stopping their destruction can't happen soon enough.

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Most forests are destroyed to provide space for agriculture or developments, to provide wood for paper products, or by forest fires that have increased in severity since the advent of global warming. Saving forests must be a global effort, but there are things you can do to contribute, even if you live nowhere near a rain forest. Share your love for trees and forests with other people.

Showing those in your life that you care about trees is a good way to help other people start taking action, too. Many people simply don't realize how important old growth forests are to the health of the planet, including its human population. The more people who understand and care, the more likely destructive practices will be brought to a halt. When you see a story related to the state of the earth's forest, share what you think about it and encourage others to comment. Show that standing up for trees is something you believe in.

Since saving trees will require a change in lifestyle, some people oppose the idea. By making it clear that saving trees is something you believe is valuable, you'll be acting as a role model to others. Donate to a nonprofit working to protect forests. There are many nonprofits dedicated to saving forests across the world, and they are all in need of donations.

Find one you trust and consider making a donation. For example, Greenpeace is working to stop deforestation. It has projects around the world aimed at saving forests that are under threat. Join a group working to save trees. Changing your consumption habits and helping local trees are both admirable ways to make a difference, but if saving trees and forests is something you're passionate about, you might be looking for a way to do more.

Volunteering or working with a nonprofit working on this vital issue is a hands-on way to take action.

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  5. Volunteering with a local group geared toward saving trees is a good way to get familiar with the issues surrounding deforestation. Look into groups using creative ways to save trees and protest the destruction of forests, like by tree-sitting and blocking logging equipment. Learn as much as you can about what has been done to save trees, and decide how you can contribute. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and other potentially harmful gases from the atmosphere and produce new oxygen. They also, of course, provide a habitat for birds. Yes No.

    Not Helpful 1 Helpful Saving trees is beneficial for humans, because trees provide oxygen and purify the air.

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    Not Helpful 11 Helpful Clean up litter, practice fire safety to avoid forest fires and educate people in your community about the importance of forests. Trees also keep soil in place and are important for forming clouds and rain. Not Helpful 7 Helpful Roots anchor the tree to the ground. They absorb nutrients from the soil to feed the tree.

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    saving the trees essay Saving the trees essay
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    saving the trees essay Saving the trees essay
    saving the trees essay Saving the trees essay
    saving the trees essay Saving the trees essay

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