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Categories Writing Tips. Home Blog Hinton, The Outsiders essay. Back to Blog Hinton, The Outsiders essay. Plot What are the conflicts to which the reader is introduced at the very beginning of the novel? What are the inner conflicts that are developed during the course of the novel? There has been disagreement as to the climax of the plot development in this work. Where, in your opinion, is the plot climax?

Why is this the climax?

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Themes How is the theme of rich vs. Is this portrayal still relevant today? Honor and loyalty can be seen as characteristics of both groups of teens. Give examples of these two traits on the part of characters of both groups What events depict the loss of innocence? Symbolism How are cars an important symbol of the differences between the two socioeconomic groups the teens represent? Follow the route of the switchblade knife throughout the novel. What is its symbolism? Characters How are Ponyboy and Randy basically alike? What commonalities do Ponyboy and Cherry share?

In terms of the two groups taken as a whole, what two current groups among teenage cultures do these represent? We accept. Follow Us:. Darry who is the oldest of the three boys begins to take on responsibility of taking care of his three younger brothers It is one of her most popular books about foolish gang rivalry existing between the Socs, the rich kids from the west side of town, and the Greasers, the poor kids from the east side. Ponyboy Curtis struggles growing up as a poor youth with his two brothers. One night while he is out with Johnny, Ponyboy is attacked by the Socs.

Johnny ends up killing one of the Socs. They both flee from the scene before the news gets out Free Essays words 1. Hinton Published Published by: Puffin Books Genre: fiction The book The Outsiders is the realistic story about this between two very different groups in a town in the United States: the poor Greasers from the east side, and the Socs, whitch is what the greasers call the socials, the richer boys from the other side of the town.

Ponyboy Curtis is the narrator of the story, a year-old boy who lives with his two older brothers, Darry and Soda. He is a pretty good athlete and student, but is not treated the same as the richer students at his school Hinton, is about the rivalry of two gangs, Greasers and Socials. The Greasers are low class and the Socials are high class. In The Outsiders there are two rival gangs, one from the lower class, who are the Greasers and their rivals are from the upper class, they are the Socials.

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The story is set in a large town in the United States, The east side of the town is where the Greasers live and the west side is where the Socs live Hinton wrote it. Dell Publishing published the book. One day, as Ponyboy is walking home from a movie, he is jumper and beaten by a gang of Socs It is set in the s in a town in the USA. It is about the conflict of the two main teenager gangs called the Socs short for Socials and the Greasers. The Socs live on the West side where they live a supposedly better life with everything that they want and the Greasers live on the East side with nothing much but anger and jealousy about the Socs who always seem to be privileged in every way.

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The conflict a state of disharmony between incompatible or antithetical persons, ideas, or interests; a clash. Strong Essays words 4. The Socs were mad at them for taking their girls on dates. Bob one of the Socs was about to drown Ponyboy in a fountain when Johnny lost it and stabbed him.

The Socs ran and so did Johnny and Ponyboy. After this incident they ran to a church outside of town. One day the church catches on fire. Johnny and Ponyboy save the kids that were playing in the abandoned church They were the preppy kids, the rich ones, the goody-two-shoes. One day, as Ponyboy is walking home from a movie, he is jumped and beaten by a gang of Socs. At the last minute, his gang of greasers--including his brothers Darry and Sodapop, who raise Ponyboy E Hinton is an early novel based on two waring juvenile gangs, divided by economical and social background, the lower East side Greasers and the upper West side Socs.

The novel is set in in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is a novel written in first person by a 14 year old Greaser, Ponyboy Curtis who allows us an insight into the lifestyles of these distinct worlds. I chose the novel "The Outsiders" as a text for year 10 for the following reasons: It is a novel which draws the reader in and allows the reader to understand a lifestyle alien to them But overall, when I watched it I did enjoy it, partly because I liked the story of the book and had few if any changes with that area.

The entire premises of the book and the movie revolves around the Greasers and the Socs, two rival groups that fight over personal pride and bitterness between social classes Better Essays words 3 pages Preview. Conversely the protagonist, Beowulf, and his portrayal of godlike perfection allows the reader to interpret Beowulf himself as the central outcast, existing in an imperfect world. Beowulf becomes an outsider while in contrast with other generally perceived outcast characters such as Unferth or the monster Grendel and his unnamed mother E Hinton gives to the readers is to not get involved with gangs that their is other things to do instead of joining a gang and she also gives the reader the message that if the reader is a gang member or not to look at some of the consequences that the characters experienced by being in a gangs some of the consequences could be resulting in death or being badly injured or left in a long term coma if th Better Essays words 5 pages Preview.

Scott Fitzgerald and William Shakespeare illustrate the struggle of outside characters in their respective works, The Great Gatsby and Othello. The main characters, Jay Gatsby and Othello, live in different time periods. Gatsby lives in magnificent New York in the Roaring Twenties, where life is all about reaching and living the American Dream of money and status.

As for Othello, life in the seventeenth century is about maintaining a good social reputation. Powerful Essays words 4. She slides into a silver Mercedes Benz, loaded with the richest kids in town. Through several works of outstanding literature, authors have been able to tear away the facades society weaves for people and show us the personalities beneath ostentatious jewels, precious fabrics, or dirty, ripped shirts He believes that the strength and beauty in teenagers can never stay concrete because it is ruined by adulthood.

In the film Coppola shows and represents two groups, the "socs" and the "greasers".

The Outsiders Essay Examples

Good Essays words 1. Throughout history and even today, there has been and there is a gap between the rich and poor. When there are two different types of people who live life totally different, there are bound to be problems within the society. A gang of poor, abused teenagers learn to cherish each other and life by getting through challenges not every teenager goes through.

He does not get the key to a city at the end of the Outsiders, by S. Ponyboy does not obtain superhuman qualities but he is still the hero of the greasers. Not only is Ponyboy self-motivated, but he is also thinking of the greasers, his friends and family, constantly and he is always finding more and more truths of everyone; Ponyboy is best informed on where problems come from and he knows best about what he should do for everyone else Hinton novel character analysis].

Of course there are the basics like food, water, and oxygen; but when you take a more in depth look at what people want, it should be very clear that every human has the desire to feel accepted for who they are. Of all the groups of outsiders I have gained knowledge about this semester, I feel like racial outsiders and sexual outsiders are more outcast than any of the other outsiders we have studied The novel is set in the s, where the Great Depression years occurred and had a huge impact of many lives in California.

California was struggling not only with the economic problems of the Great Depression but the severe labour strife too. This also creates the climate of the novel. Hardship and homelessness ran through the country, creating many problems that ordinary people had to face The rigid social structure formed by these disparate groups often hurts the lower rungs of society, who many times end up disparaged by the rest of society.

Hinton's book, The Outsiders, the main character, Ponyboy Curtis, tries to combat the social separation between the Greasers, presented as poor gang members, and the Socs, depicted as rich and out of trouble. In the book Ponyboy, a Greaser, tries to escape murdering a Soc in self-defence Johnny and Ponyboy make it to the church without being seen, they clean the church up a little bit so that they could have a place to lay at night because it was filled with broken glass and had rats everywhere.

Johnny and Ponyboy spend the whole week smoking cigarettes, eating baloney and going around the grocery store to kill time until they heard back from the other boys that everything is ok and they can go back home with them. Dallas comes a week later to Johnny and Ponyboy and tells them that everybody knows about the murder that happened at the park between the Socs and the Greasers and that they will fight tomorrow night Hinton Powerful Essays words 5.

The Aborigine have kept their religious practices back to thousands of years ago. It is believed there was nothing until a group called the Ancestors came about and formed the world the way it is. The Aborigine also believe that the Ancestors created humans and separated them by religion and tribes each with their own cultures. They also believe that the Ancestors left their mark on earth with the natural beauty of landmarks and other beautiful things Over the span of the 13th century, from the Central Asian steppes in the east to the Arabian lands to the west, the Tartars subdued the unfortunate inhabitants and expanded their empire vastly.

To the fear and dismay of the Western Europeans, the Tartars desired to triumph over all of Eurasia; therefore, the Western Europeans were to be conquered next Research Papers words 7. How can this happen when two characters are so different. How can they be similar.

S.E. Hinton

Dallas Winston and Johnny Cade from S. While each being divergent from one another, their similarities come into play as to why they care so much for one another. Their differences stretch amongst a wide variety, but along with those differences comes their similarities In fact, most of the conflicts in the novel are caused by inaccurate stereotypes. Many of these problems could be solved by examining the way society treats people based on their social status.

This can be seen in many places throughout The Outsiders. The Socs and Greasers rarely took the time to get to know people outside of their groups. Hinton can be defined as an emotional, heart breaking, and lesson teaching story. Ponyboy Curtis and Johnny Cade were the youngest in their gang of Greasers.

One night, Ponyboy and Johnny were both out on the street. Out of nowhere some drunken Socs began to chase and beat up the boys Better Essays words 2 pages Preview. Be very afraid. Wipe that goofy smile off your face. Whether you know it or not, that clawing, itching, quaking sensation seething beneath your skin is the feeling churning inside you every time someone of a superior clique comes rumbling down the halls, a contemptuous sneer playing on his lips. But whatever you do, keep that fear under wraps. You do not need to be shoved into your locker or called derisive names again Most of the time it is obvious who the outsider in a group is, but sometimes it takes a deeper look into the personality and characteristics of a person to see the traits that make the person an Outsider Othello and Cassio are both outsiders in this sense, Othello is a black man, a "Moor", and Cassio is a "Florentine".

Othello begins in Venice, in Shakespeare's time the great commercial centre of the western world. Venice was the place of great hustle and bustle, merchants and tradesmen from other lands were commonplace, and yet we see throughout the play how Othello and Cassio are ridiculed Good Essays words 2.

an essay on the outsiders An essay on the outsiders
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an essay on the outsiders An essay on the outsiders
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an essay on the outsiders An essay on the outsiders

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