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I still remember that day when I had first meeting with my husband in presence of my family members at my house. I had talk with him for two hours and then I discussed with my parents. Then my parents had conversation with his family. When the both families were agreed, they fixed the date for marriage. In contrast in the US, arranged marriage is a retard thing to do and is very uncommon. Bride and groom already knew to each other from long time.

They have full power to make a decision for marriage. In India wedding is the big and three to five days event while American marriages does not take too much time. When I got marry, my all family members involved one month before the actual date as they did all the planning by themselves. In contrast American wedding arrangements done by marriage planner and only the bride and groom can decide what they want to do.

Traditional American weddings are organized in a place of worship like in a church or they reserve the venue.

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Both the bride and groom send out wedding invitation cards with all lists of three days program and timings to their respective guests separately. Very interesting. Quelle histoire! Les photos sont vraiment splendides. Que dire? Mi piace! Love the great photographs which bring the ceremony to life. Wonderful way to learn how a wedding is so much different over there. The wedding and the daily life there, as the morning after around 6am I saw how the day starts in those Indian mountains!

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Wow…lucky you. Amazing perspectives. Loved it completely. And yes weddings are extravagant in India. And let me tell you as an Indian we love that. Thanks for sharing :- Keep traveling.

A Wedding in the Family Short Essay.

How fortunate to be able to attend this traditional wedding and be free to take such great photos. Beautiful photos. Nice to see a couple of pics of you, too! Thanks Mark, when I saw the nose ring my first thought was that it must be heavy! Picturesque nevertheless :. That first picture you have of the bride? Absolutely stunning. It looks like a great time. It was an offbeat experience indeed, and the bride coming down absolutely wonderful!

I watch images and read few lines. Thank to you.

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I have to say honestly I smile. When you coming to India again? This is a real treat getting to see your photo essay here. One thing I did not get to experience during my time in India was a wedding.

It looks like a lot of fun and has such beautiful colors! Beautiful colors and the more traditional is the wedding the more interesting for guests, try to attend one, they are amazing, and Indians love guests, they have a sense of hospitality many places have forgotten! Wow, you captured colors, faces, details…this must have been a very interesting experience but too bad it was so tiring— I guess some of the best traveling experiences make us exhausted!

I absolutely had a wondeful time in Uttarakhand, such a fascinating state. I hope I can go back soon! Hi Angela.. I just seen all these pictures, I am really surprised to see all these pics are from my village. I m really feeling proud to red your comments and reviews.

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And it would be our honour to serve you better to better hospitality again. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Chasing The Unexpected is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Experiential travel India. Angela Corrias November 18, Unfortunately, in India, a father cannot marry off his daughter unless he is in a position to give a sufficient amount of dowry to the parents of the boy.

That is why parents consider the birth of a girl as an economic burden.

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Dowry is the worst of all social evils. The poor parents have to borrow a lot of money to spend at the time of marriage to purchase the various costly items of dowry.

Essay on A Hindu Wedding

The Government has, no doubt, declared that demanding or accepting dowry is a cognisable offence but this evil still continues unabated. The most inhuman and sordid part of the dowry system is that if a bride does not bring sufficient dowry from her parents, she is tortured mentally and physically by her in-laws. The Government should make the law more stringent to serve as a warning to the greedy people. However, an Indian wedding is otherwise a very colourful social event.

Preparations for the celebration of an Indian marriage start a month or two in advance of the wedding day. Parents of the bride start purchasing clothes and other items of dowry. Every day they have to go for shopping. They buy jewellery, clothes, utensils, etc. They also book tents, shamianas, carpets, crockery, lights etc.

The wedding of my sister was fixed for 15th January, My parents started preparations for this marriage many weeks in advance. Our house was given a face-lift. It was thoroughly white-washed. Wedding cards were sent out to all our relatives and friends. In fact, my father had to take leave from his office for one week.

an essay on indian wedding An essay on indian wedding
an essay on indian wedding An essay on indian wedding
an essay on indian wedding An essay on indian wedding
an essay on indian wedding An essay on indian wedding
an essay on indian wedding An essay on indian wedding
an essay on indian wedding An essay on indian wedding
an essay on indian wedding An essay on indian wedding

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