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Nature has been in existence long before humans and ever since it has taken care of mankind and nourished it forever. In other words, it offers us a protective layer which guards us against all kinds of damages and harms. Survival of mankind without nature is impossible and humans need to understand that.

If nature has the ability to protect us, it is also powerful enough to destroy the entire mankind. Every form of nature, for instance, the plants , animals , rivers, mountains, moon, and more holds equal significance for us. Absence of one element is enough to cause a catastrophe in the functioning of human life.

We fulfill our healthy lifestyle by eating and drinking healthy, which nature gives us. Similarly, it provides us with water and food that enables us to do so. Rainfall and sunshine, the two most important elements to survive are derived from nature itself. Further, the air we breathe and the wood we use for various purposes are a gift of nature only.

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But, with technological advancements, people are not paying attention to nature. The need to conserve and balance the natural assets is rising day by day which requires immediate attention. Get the huge list of more than Essay Topics and Ideas. In order to conserve nature, we must take drastic steps right away to prevent any further damage. The most important step is to prevent deforestation at all levels.

Because nature is where life begins and has always been there for us to draw ideas from.

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Nature is a relitive constant in our ever changing lives. Scientifically, there are several parallels between nature and music. There are natural harmonies and pitch frequencies that the Earth makes as it lives and breathes. The wind ripping through canyons and water falling over smooth rocks.

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  8. Not to mention animals that sing as they go about their days. Music was given to us by nature, with the earliest instruments being from gourds, or hollowed out pieces of wood. Even now, instruments are very rarely not based on vibrations traveling through some type of wood. The direct parallels between music and nature are too great to ignore. Visual art also comes from nature. The mediums that artists use to inspire and create their pieces are from nature. This thought, sober and gloomy, is a modern one; in earlier ages it is unlikely that people contemplated ourselves wiping-out most life on earth.

    I don't know why I brought it to the forefront of my nature essay. It does offer a perspective.

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    Nature's life forces, as well as its winds, eruptions, quakes, avalanches, freezes, etc. I recall being allowed to study revegetation on the freshly-erupted Mt. It was more than 10 years ago, so my memory has retained only a few observations: life was strongest near water sources, and the weediest plants were most successful in revegetating the barren gray ash. Mosses tolerant of Seattle's freeway cracks grew on the loose sand and ash.

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    Fireweed, which thrives after forest fires, clear-cuts and bombed sites, was abundant. If memory serves, scientists in general expressed pleased surprise at the rapidity of revegetation.

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    Even in this age of high-technology, where many people who live in cities and work full-time with computers see but little nature intimately -- at least we all are still aware of the weather and the seasons. We all know that a short, rainy winter day is less pleasant than a warm sunny June day. Most of us are cheered at the return of spring, and we mostly have certain pleasant or striking memories we associate with each season. My awareness of nature was at this relatively normal level until high school. I recall as an 8th grade student, that nature was wholly unappealing to me. I liked sports, music, comic books, stamp collecting, and whatnot.

    Trees were trees, grass was grass, flowers were flowers and weeds were weeds. But by the time I was in 10th grade, and especially 11th grade, I had been affected profoundly by nature awareness. I went from a normal worldview to one wherein the value of being aware of and appreciative of nature was a centerpiece. In retrospect, this was the pivotal transformation of my life.

    In high school I went from just another one of the guys into a person whose passion and livelihood became nature.

    Let Nature Inspire You

    The process was begun, I think, by my having read Thoreau's Walden. I did this because I was exhorted to do so by an influential 8th grade teacher, George Hofbauer. Walden affected me, as I was at that ripe, receptive, impressionable age. A common theme in all the writings was the importance of nature, of calmly reflecting, and of thinking for oneself.

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    Goethe wrote:. The thoughtful man's greatest comfort. I began meditating under trees, listening to birds, tasting wild berries, and finding joy and excitement, meaning and inspiration.

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