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You will be asked to set up a user account using your email address, and you should use this for all enquiries and applications including if you are also applying for Summer School or Language Centre courses. You should read and follow the guidance which is given throughout the online application. This will ensure that you fulfil our requirements and that your application is processed as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you are unable to use the online system, a PDF of the application form is available on request. You must pay using the website credit or debit card in order to submit your documents and application online.

Please note that the application assessment fee is not refundable if you change your mind once your application has been acknowledged. A proportion of the application fee income that we receive each year is used to give financial support to LSE students. You should arrange to supply two academic references from tutors who have taught you at university as part of the online process. This is a secure and confidential service for referees and helps speed up the decision-making process. Current students and applicants who graduated from their most recent study after January must supply two academic references.

References should be from a teaching member of your current or, if you have graduated, from your most recent university department. Applicants who graduated from their most recent study before January may supply one non-academic reference in place of one of your academic references. Applicants who graduated from their most recent study before January may supply two professional references if they are unable to provide academic references.

MSc Media and Communications (Data and Society)

It is in your interests to supply academic references wherever possible. Please be aware that when you submit your online application, we will consider it as complete when we have received two references. You don't need to and should not send more than two references. We will not accept additional references unless the selectors request them during the decision-making process. The online application will prompt you to upload a scanned transcript for each qualification you mention in the education tab.

If your documents are not in English, we must receive a translation carried out by an accredited translator eg, the British Council. Please ensure that scanned documents are clear and legible. Failure to do so will result in delays to the processing of your application.

You should also scan the reverse of your transcript if the mark scheme is explained there. You may choose to supply these documents by post, in which case we will upload them to your application on your behalf. Please remember that your application cannot be submitted until we have received and processed them. If your application is successful, we will request original or certified signed documents prior to registration. You may apply if you are awaiting any examination results. You must have fully graduated by the time you register at LSE. Please list the title and credit value of each in-progress course that you are currently studying on the application.

If your transcript does not include your final mark and date of award, we will request either a certified copy of your degree certificate or a completed proof of degree form if we make you an offer.

Do not send your original degree certificate, as documents cannot be returned. Applicants who have graduated from, or who are currently studying towards, degrees from the University of London International Programme UoLIP : You should supply your transcript from the University of London which can be ordered here: london.

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These are strongly preferred to transcripts which may be available from your local institution which may not accurately reflect course titles and marks. For each programme you apply for, you must upload a statement that describes your academic interest in, understanding of, and suitability for that programme, as well as your purpose and objectives in undertaking this graduate study.

The statement of academic purpose is an important part of your application, and selectors are looking for evidence of your academic motivation and suitability, and of what you can contribute to the programme. If you are applying for two programmes, you will need to submit two separate statements, both clearly and fully addressing why you are applying for each programme. Your statement s should be typed and no longer than two sides of A4 paper.

There is no fixed word limit, but we expect statement s to be no longer than 1, - 1, words. Please note: some programmes have other specific requirements for statements — these are outlined on this page.

History Personal Statement I have always cared passionately about my academic endeavours, from reading as widely as possible in my English and history A levels to carrying out an investigating into the antibiotic effects of indigenous poisonous plants in biology Politics and International Relations Personal Statement My interest for international relations arose already in my childhood as I witnessed my parents working at the Finnish Ministry of Foreign affairs.

I gained employment at a Stock Broker office as a Monitor Operator in Bangladesh and my duty was to monitor the daily price list of trading of shares at the beginning of the day and then preparing trading reports at the end For the past year I have been pursuing the latter as an English teacher in Japan. At first, my life was quite difficult; however, as my Japanese improved, so did my comfort Law Personal Statement As a first-hand witness to the day when the London Riots was most intensified, I am haunted by scenes of sustained looting, violence and indiscriminate attacks on properties on almost the entire city.

Those images substantiated my long standing belief that a society without law and order leads to chaos and anarchy It has been my desire to study law at degree level since the age of fifteen From an early age, this sparked a deep curiosity about the way the world works and given me a good understanding of different cultures, traditions and languages Maths Personal Statement 'When is something maths?

LSE University Personal Statements

To ask this question would generate many replies perhaps declaring 'doing complex calculations' or 'working out sums', but it is simply so much more. To me, mathematics is a language, explaining how our world works, such as why things exist as they do in geometrical space Management Personal Statement Lack of management can lead to disastrous outcomes, and my home country, Russia, has suffered from these in dramatic proportions for decades. Its business inefficiency has led to people being devastated by unemployment and poverty, including my own family Sociology Personal Statement A Gospel choir tour around South Africa was the catalyst for my fascination with human culture.

As I travelled I was able to directly experience a multiplicity of cultures even within this one country Law and German Law Personal Statement Since I lived in the Republic of Korea for 2 years, where I was able to witness a culture that is in depth very different from ours, I have been trying to see the world as an interdependent whole instead of occupying myself with only my native country Political Science Personal Statement From Darwin's Theory of Evolution to the French ideologies during the revolution of to Karl Marx's theory on communism to Hitler's Nazi ideology, all are famous historical ideologies that have contributed to today's world Hearing the bugles bellow out the 'Last Post' to a crowd of thousands, instilled in me a deeper appreciation of the past, and the sacrifices that were made to sculpt the world we live in today Economics Personal Statement One look at the world around us and we can instantly see how vital a role economics plays in every aspect of life.

A fleeting glimpse of a newspaper headline or the core section of the evening news will tell you that economics influences nearly everything we do and think Anthropology Personal Statement Coming from a mixed religious background, the comparison between cultural practices has touched me deeply, personally and profoundly. I have been able to observe the influence of culture on people's perspectives and world views A city built on the backs of poorly treated labourers and ruled by a monarchy that seems to disregard the values of ethics and morality The rapid social and political development in Russia in the early s, still surrounded by the left-overs, if not quite the toppled statues of the previous socialist regime, kindled my interest in politics Does religious fundamentalism provide a way for countries in the developing world to assert their identity in the face of Western hegemony?

The answers of these questions will determine what the nature of our world is in the twenty-first century Sociology Personal Statement The need for the study of Sociology in society is, arguably, universally fundamental. The study of society is of paramount importance in solving social problems of great magnitude such as poverty and family disorganisation Skip to main content.

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lse graduate application personal statement Lse graduate application personal statement
lse graduate application personal statement Lse graduate application personal statement
lse graduate application personal statement Lse graduate application personal statement
lse graduate application personal statement Lse graduate application personal statement
lse graduate application personal statement Lse graduate application personal statement
lse graduate application personal statement Lse graduate application personal statement
lse graduate application personal statement Lse graduate application personal statement

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