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College Vs. High School

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Jessica Burlingame. The classes in college are dissimilar than in high school.

The cost of college is expensive, it presents more academic challenges, and offers more of a social environment for students than high school does. Some things will appear similar, but there will be many clear cut differences a young adult will experience. Cost First, when it comes to the cost of college, it is more expensive than high school because of the tuition, living expenses, and books.

Any student who attends college must pay the high fees. Retrieved from Post University. In contrast, the government funds high schools, so there is no cost to the students. On top of the college tuition some students must live off of campus. As a result the student must rent an apartment close to the college they are attending. In contrast, high school students do not have living expenses, because most students live at home with their parents.

College is more costly when students have to purchase text books. One comes on their own time schedule. The many different choices one makes and the repercussions of those decisions will be theirs and theirs alone, because now a student is an adult in college. Personal freedom is an incredibly important thing people like to have.

Everyone likes to be able to do what he or she desires, whenever they want. It prepares a person to develop an understanding to get a job in a certain career. Therefore they study those required courses and finish their education with a degree and starts a career. As soon as a person graduates from High School, a sense of maturity comes in them. They start realizing that everything in high school was materialistic, and college is practical. College is exceptionally different than high school just by the personal freedoms, the classroom and the social life.

In college, no one would be concerned about the basic everyday dilemmas that would surround him or her in High School.

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In college, one continues on their way of discovering who they are, and by the time they graduate, they have discovered themselves and are comfortable in their own skin. College prepares students to face real world, and how to handle it. College separates the mature people from the immature ones. Truly, I would never want to go back to high school. The cheap melodrama and pathetic mandatory attendance truly does not suit me. I love college and all the freedom that it offers. Now I am learning to be a better person and to think more critically.

Whereas, in high school and college are mostly diverse, in the end the major difference is that the students level of maturity.

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In high school the student is obligated to attend. In college, the student must attend through ambition and hard work. In college there are no dances to motivate one to come. There are no troublesome dealings with foolhardy people.

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Comparing Westover High School And Darton State College

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comparison essay highschool college Comparison essay highschool college
comparison essay highschool college Comparison essay highschool college
comparison essay highschool college Comparison essay highschool college
comparison essay highschool college Comparison essay highschool college
comparison essay highschool college Comparison essay highschool college

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