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Order now Get a Quote. Why choose our homework help? Because we know exactly what matters most to you. Leave all papers to us and rest! Free Revisions. If you feel that your paper could use more work, send it for a free revision. On-time Delivery. By dominating the social media platforms, IS is able to reach out beyond the core areas of Iraq and Syria! In addition to building their intelligence and investigative prowess, governments worldwide must invest in preventive and rehabilitation programs.

Without investing in counter radicalization to engage segments of vulnerable youth, the threat will grow culminating in wolf pack and solo terrorist attacks. At this point, global counter- radicalization efforts are limited and modest and are not robust and of a scale to challenge the spread of the extremist ideology. The weakness of most governments is their failure to develop rehabilitation programs. In the prisons, terrorists and criminals coexist with each category learning from and influencing each other. Despite discussions and plans, most countries have no concrete strategy to prevent the making of extremists and rehabilitating terrorists.

Ideological extremism and its vicious byproduct, terrorism, presents the greatest global threat today. If the threat is not properly managed, terrorists will develop or acquire CBRN weapons and wreck the world! The woman texting me today gave us an interview last year and has managed to stay in touch via illicit phones other detainees allow her to use. At the same time she is texting me, our Kurdish translator texts that they are living under the sound of bombs and troops advancing. Who Loses? One of the answers lies in the imagined idea of Rojava. The role of terrorism in political discourse changed dramatically over the last fifty years, moving from ambiguity to the forefront of public policy and security concern.

Governments and the international community have enhanced measures to counter international and transnational terrorism, although there is no universally accepted definition of the term.

The lack of an undisputed and legally binding definition of terrorism leaves significant room for free interpretation by policymakers. Governments are given what is essentially a carte blanche to develop programs and counter-terrorism initiatives that may lead, or have already led, to the development of policy that infringes on fundamental human rights. This thesis investigates the connection between terrorism and fundamental human rights.

Preventing Terrorism on American Soil

The question that guided this dissertation is the potential consequence of arbitrary and politically-driven definitions of terrorism over counter-terrorism policy and fundamental human rights. The thesis moves from a historical framing of the concept of terrorism that changes with time. There are many definitions of the term, and there is no common definition with legal value. The current debate on terrorism is linked almost exclusively with non-state actors, which implies that state and terrorism have no linkage, even if there are evidences of these ties.

The thesis scrutinizes the instrumentalization of terrorism, starting from an analysis of the concept based on three pillars: historical, theoretical-conceptual and legal in the light of international law and human rights law. Then an empirical analysis based on these tools through the use of political and legal mechanisms to obtain a political output was conducted.

To answer the starting question, the research moved from a historical-documentary analysis, then took into consideration the literature, and focused on how the states use the justification of the fight against international terrorism to restrict fundamental human rights. After the theoretical-conceptual and legal analysis, the research focuses on the legal aspects of the War on Terror and security policies. While this topic presents a serious challenge, it does open much room for possible explorations of new fields of research without necessitating a fixed point of departure — or arrival.

The thesis ends suggesting some future research directions. The conflict in Somalia is nearing three decades since the bloody civil war that has eventually transformed into a war on terrorism begun.

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Three generations continue to experience the devastating impacts of the conflict that broke out in Three generations continue to experience the devastating impacts of the conflict that broke out in Despite the numerous peace efforts, there seems to be little success in overcoming the protracted conflict. Existing literature emphasize on the role of clan identity, poor governance and external factors as the main causes of the conflict but fall short of providing sustainable peacebuilding efforts.

How to deter terrorism in theory. How to prevent terrorism practically. Terrorism has different faces: sociological and psychological aspects. Terrorism as morality violence. Bioterrorism and Its Dimensions Bioterrorism is a very special field, which requires serious research and a not less serious approach. So, you can select something from the next topics: Agents used for bioterrorism. Natural and targeted agents release: Differences and consequences.

Bioterrorism prevention. Ethical issues: bioterrorism. Pathogenicity and consequences. Civil Liberties and Anti-Terrorism Measures If you are lucky to get this topic, you are free to write not only about terrorism and its kinds but the preventive measures, as well. Here we go: Terrorism and patriotism: differences and misconceptions. Racism and its connection to terrorism. Security and liberty against terrorism. National security and personal liberty in the war against terror. Is it possible to be free and safe? Counterterrorism and Terrorism Counterterrorism is one more direction, which you can take for your essay.

Is counter-terrorism legal? Human rights and counter-terrorism.

Terrorism : Terrorism And Terrorism

Preventive measures and counter-terrorism. Should individuals be accountable for one or another kind of terrorism? Punishment measures for terrorists: where the limits end. Cyberterrorism as a New Kind of Terrorism Cyberterrorism is a completely new kind of terrorism.

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Here, you can discuss such things as: Kinds and methods of cyberterrorism nowadays. Cyberterrorism and possible consequences. Cyberterrorism prevention measures. Cyberterrorism: less or more dangerous than traditional terrorism. So, the topics are: Guantanamo Bay: the war on terror or the act of breach against human rights? Guantanamo Bay and the anti-terrorism policy of the USA.

Homework for me

Terrorism and counterterrorism: are there limits and differences? High ideas and their application. Human rights: theory and practice. This event offers many topics for your research paper, for example: Iran hostage crisis: a terroristic act or an act of protest?

Thesis Statement For Research Paper On Terrorism

Iran hostage crisis: reasons and consequences. Terrorism or patriotism? Iran hostage crisis. Iran hostage crisis and the Iran-Iraq war: could it be avoided? Iran hostage crisis: opinions.

Media and Terrorism: Support or Fight? Yes, the connection between media and terrorism is a good topic for discussion: Media and terrorism: fight or support? Why do terrorists look for publicity? How does the media contribute to terrorism phenomenon?

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