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Professional development is vital to teacher effectiveness. It should be meaningful and helpful to teachers. It should include information on the changing role of the teacher, the latest developments in the area of instruction, and reflective practice techniques to assist teachers in self-improvement. Good staff development will help teachers address the diverse needs of their students and help to improve their professional skills. A school leader has the greatest ability to make a school successful. There are many personal qualities that effective school leaders must possess.

They must have a strong sense of self, personal discipline, and the educational process. Effective leaders are well-rounded, knowledgeable individuals with strong problem solving skills. They have good moral character and conduct themselves with pride, fairness, and integrity. Ethics, performance, and quality are never compromised. School leaders must have high expectations and strive for greatness. They must focus on leading as well as managing. They must be both a good business manager and an effective instructional leader. A balance must be found between instructional leadership, routine administration, and human relations.

Time is limited, and must be used effectively, with priorities set on instructionally related matters. Effective leaders foster open communication, decision-making, and problem solving. They are able to lead people toward personal and organizational goals. School leaders must also be highly visible, and more skilled at listening than telling.

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They must have the courage and determination to overcome difficulties. Decisions must be made keeping in mind what is in the best interest of the students, the staff, and the school.

Ethical principals should be involved in the decision-making process. School principals should be lead-learners by continuously participating in and providing professional development. They must make a serious commitment to life-long learning for themselves and their staff. They must constantly renew and improve their knowledge and skills. They must be willing to take risks when necessary for the welfare of the school.

They must also allow and encourage their staff members to take risks for the good of their students. I will continue to work hard to ensure that my relationships with my staff are positive. I will trust and respect them in order to gain their trust and respect. As a school leader, I have dedicated myself to improving the educational experiences of my staff and students.

I am constantly working to build a successful school community.

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Through collaboration, hard work, and determination, I am certain that my school, staff, and students will succeed. Skip to Main Content. District Home. Select a School Select a School. Sign In. Search Our Site. About Us ".

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Principal's Corner. Welcome Philosophy of Education Professional Biography. Woerner Elementary School. The students are the most important members of a school community. Under the appropriate conditions and with the appropriate strategies, all students can and will learn. The nature and quality of learning experiences must be exemplary. Students must gain critical thinking skills along with knowledge. They must be taught how to learn and how to apply what they learn. Student performance must be evaluated frequently. Achievement data should be analyzed and instruction should be planned accordingly.

All of these efforts will help students succeed. I seek to make very few decisions without an explicit, inclusive process. The second principle of decision making revolves around the appropriate use of data to do what is best for the children. Over the last three years, I have been engaged with the staff in improving our use data for improving student learning.

I have frequent conversations with teachers about how their classroom observations and experiences with a student compares to the assessment data; we try to dig deeper into why there is a problem. This a change in thinking for many teachers and is slow going. The work on increasing our use of data to make decisions that are best for children has been very rewarding.

Vision as the Compass

Regular, two-way communication with various aspects of the school community is also a very rewarding set of skills for the effective educational leader. The principal must have a clear vision and must communicate that vision in every way he can as often as possible. I am a firm believer in the idea of an abundance of communication. I write a note in the weekly parent newsletter.

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The staff receives the Monday Message from me, every Sunday night, with information about the week to come. I make careful use of the Community Outreach module of Connect Ed. I make the rounds of the building to speak with individual staff members or students. The flip side of all this sharing of information is the great skill of listening.

Educational leaders must listen to the staff, the students, the parents, and the community. I have adapted the corporate CEO idea of gathering the daily pulse of the business via charts and graphs to fit public school. I listen regularly to the curriculum specialists, the special education coordinator, the counseling staff, the grade-level teams, the special educators, the specialists, the office staff although right next to me, this is sometimes the hardest meeting to have , the nurse, the head custodian, the district leadership, various parent groups, and the students.

While all of this communicating is time intensive, it is vital in its own right and to the relationship building that is part of being an effective education leader. Each year since, I understand more what he meant. A principal needs to foster, cultivate, and facilitate relationships among and between himself and each of the constituent groups in the school community.

All the listening that a principal does certainly helps to gather data, but it does far more to nurture relationships. My full schedule of listening is explicitly dual purpose. Listening is far from the only way to promote positive relationships. Effective educational leaders must also see teachers and students at work. I strive to reach my ambitious goal of visiting five classrooms every single day my weekly average is lower than that, but constantly improving.

After a boost in visits, one teacher summed up the feeling by telling parents in a meeting that I must know what is going on because I visit her room so often. I have been able to increase trust with parents by describing their child during my last visit. By being in classrooms more, the school community knows that I value the learning and the teachers.


Possessing and communicating a clear vision is possibly the most important quality of an educational leader. Jim Collins wrote in Good to Great about the hedgehog effect.

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As the hedgehog curls up into a ball with the singular purpose of escape, the effective educational leader must establish a clear vision and curl up with the singular purpose of making that vision the reality. As the position of principal covers so many domains, I have created a clear vision that covers leadership, community, and learning. Of course, there is great overlap in these three areas. My vision of leadership is: 1.

personal vision statements for principals Personal vision statements for principals
personal vision statements for principals Personal vision statements for principals
personal vision statements for principals Personal vision statements for principals
personal vision statements for principals Personal vision statements for principals
personal vision statements for principals Personal vision statements for principals
personal vision statements for principals Personal vision statements for principals
personal vision statements for principals Personal vision statements for principals
personal vision statements for principals Personal vision statements for principals

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