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It is a very close cousin of Verdana, but though similar, Tahoma is a little narrower and more tightly spaced than Verdana, giving it a more slender, slightly more formal feel. It is another example of a font that was designed specifically for screen use, meaning it will look good at a wide range of sizes, and on a wide range of screens, perfect if you are making a presentation that will need to display properly on multiple devices.

In fact, perfect clarity is what sets Tahoma apart from some similar sans serif fonts.

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The image below shows the characters uppercase I eye , lowercase l ell and number 1 one written in four popular sans serif fonts from left to right Century Gothic, Calibri, Gill Sans and Tahoma. Notice how in every font but Tahoma, at least two characters are indistinguishable. Gill Sans, for example, is a disaster here. So with its easy to read, screen friendly design and readily distinguishable characters, Tahoma is an ideal choice for the slightly more formal, but still approachable, scientific or technical presentation.

The tail of the uppercase Q is straight and horizontal, not a whimsical curve. This makes Corbel a good choice for more serious or technical content, it is legible and without excessive embellishment, yet not characterless or overused.

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One of the most interesting design details with Corbel is the fact that with this font, numbers are lowercase. What does this mean? Take a look at the image below, where you can see a comparison of how the numbers appear in Corbel with how they appear in another popular sans serif font, Segoe UI. This is know as lowercase or old-style numerals. The purpose of this is to improve how numbers look when they form part of body text — they are a more natural fit with lowercase lettering. Few fonts have this option for a serif option offering lowercase numbers, consider Georgia, also a Windows standard font , meaning Corbel can make a for a very unique choice.

It will be both legible and readable, and its unusual numbers will add a unique and pleasing design touch to your slides. Sometimes what we want is not the familiar, the comforting, the Arial and the Times New Roman, sometimes we just want something different. This is your opportunity to step into the almost infinite world of custom fonts. Here you can find fonts to fit almost any imaginable need. From timeless and elegant and crisp and futuristic, to ornate scripts and decorative novelties, there will be a custom font for you. But a word of warning on non-system fonts — custom fonts can be a powerful, attractive component of your presentation design, but if used incorrectly, they can also be its undoing.

A custom font will only appear in your presentation if it is played on a device with that font installed. On any other device, PowerPoint will replace your beautiful, carefully planned custom font with one of the system defaults, and this can have disastrous consequences for your design. There you can be confident your carefully crafted designs will stay exactly as you envisaged them, and you can concentrate on delivering the very best presentation.

You can find a useful PDF here detailing which fonts are available on all platforms for maximum compatibility. If the answer to both of the above is yes, then you are on to a winner.

You know best what fits with your brand, and if a font captures your unique voice, and makes your slides easy for your audience to read, you are one step closer to that perfect presentation. For more advice on choosing the best font for your next presentation, and then making the very best of it in your design, take a look at our other articles:. This two-part series will teach you how to make an effective infographic in PowerPoint.

Colour has always been powerful; from warning us which berries to avoid, to establishing iconic global brands. Many of us consider it a key tool when designing presentations — but what effect does this reliance on colour have on people with colour blindness?

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  7. Is it a Windows-standard font? And, in case you were wondering, the ten we recommend here are all on that list. Are you choosing a font for headings or body text? Whether your font is for heading or body text will help inform your answer to the next question… Serif or sans serif? Which leads to the final consideration… How much familiarity do you want? His career in typography started when he was at school in Noordwijkerhout where he became annoyed and frustrated by the bad typography used in the school magazine. He decided he would do something about it, immediately posting his suggestions for improvement under the editor's door.

    By the following day he was on the editorial team. He specialised in typography, photography and illustration and his final piece of work was produced entirely in typefaces that he had designed himself — among them an early version of what later became his successful Thesis typeface at that time still called 'Paranthesis'. Between and , de Groot worked for the respected design agency BRS Premsela Vonk on large corporate design projects. It was here that he laid the foundations for TheMix, Thesis' semi-serif version, which became the corporate font of the Dutch Ministry of Transport and Water Management.

    When he came to Germany in and joined MetaDesign in Berlin, he finally had time to finish Thesis with its three families — TheSans sans-serif , TheSerif slab serif , and TheMix slab serif : "I couldn't speak the language yet and I hardly knew anybody, so I took the time to complete Thesis," he recalls. By , Thesis had become a bestselling member of the FontFont Library. Case study analysis business ethics.

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    Thesis typeface review

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