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The Most Dangerous Job by Eric Schlosser

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Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser AP Comp Project

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As he visits the slaughterhouse, he sees the meat cutters working and how horrendous their job is. The workers are also working with sharp knives that give them injuries such as lacerations. The worst slaughterhouse job is cleaning the slaughterhouse at night. These workers deal with heat, fog, and fumes. The fumes make the workers throw up and they feel the fumes inside their bodies.

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Industry Defense- The fast food industry might defend themselves from these attacks about their inhumane working conditions by saying that they have these working conditions so production can be fast. Workers must perform the same task repetitively so that the meat could be cut as fast as possible. If production were to be slow, this will lead to less beef for the fast food industry and this will eventually harm the fast food industry.

If the fast food industry is harmed this may lead to the rise of unemployment because the fast food industry will slow down and might not need as much employees working at branches. The fast food industry is one of the biggest industries and it provides the most jobs for young adults and people in the lower economic class.

We need the fast food industry so there could be enough jobs for people and this will overall benefit our economy. My Argument- I agree with Schlosser about how the fast food industry does have inhumane working conditions. After seeing the success of Walt Disney and Ray Kroc through their interest in selling to kids, advertisers started to attack children even more.

The growth in advertising aimed at children has been driven by efforts to increase not just current, but also future, consumption. Children also have different types of nags to ask for these advertised products. Advertisers study the lives of children so they could apply their interests into advertisements.

These extra calories may make Americans feel like they are getting a bargain but are also contributing to the country's 66 percent rate of adult obesity. Whether snacks, sandwiches or full restaurant meals, recent experiments have shown that we eat more when we are given more and that large portions may be contributing to the obesity epidemic.

Hence, it is very possible to gain 10 pounds in a year by consuming only additional calories a day.

Fast Food Nation - Annotated Bibliography Example

Controlling portion size is important to control weight, and the larger portions offered by fast food restaurants, which are often a better deal economically, may make people resistant to change. It is important to remember in all these, that the goal is for the compulsive eater is to break her addictive relationship toward food. While weight loss is generally an important sign that the addiction is broken, our primary concern is that one begins to feel more comfortable toward food. This cannot be stressed too strongly. Continued obsession with weight loss or weight gain hinders the process of learning to love food and eating what your body is wanting.

While this process is not a magical shortcut, its philosophy provides a basis for a more natural and relaxed relationship toward food and our bodies. Attention to the details of eating is a first step toward having a normal relationship with food. As one can say yes to a particular food, so the possibility is there for one to say no to particular foods at particular times. Saying no is a great tool in self-definition especially in todays modern times when people are bombarded by all these food fads Lemonick, Michael.

Therefore, people need to be on the lookout about how insidious new marketing strategies can still come in on the pretense that it is good food.

Companies, especially those with creative management, will always seek ways to bring new products to market when consumer demands change. The market is always adapting to meet consumers desires or theyre expressing a lack of faith in the ability of ordinary citizens to make intelligent choices in a free marketplace. We should be on the lookout if more people are getting fatter because callous, or even corrupt, food companies are cynically devising new ways to get people to buy too much food, or too much bad food aggravating the rising obesity problem in America.

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essays about fast food nation Essays about fast food nation
essays about fast food nation Essays about fast food nation
essays about fast food nation Essays about fast food nation
essays about fast food nation Essays about fast food nation
essays about fast food nation Essays about fast food nation
essays about fast food nation Essays about fast food nation
essays about fast food nation Essays about fast food nation
essays about fast food nation Essays about fast food nation

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