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Schools should follow a strict policy of discipline and have a standard procedure to ensure a positive environment within the premises. In many schools, there is disparity within the management and staff. Even though such disparity is present, it should be resolve in a dignified manner. The management, principal, staff and most important parents play a good role model to the students.

It is the duty of the principal and teachers to impart knowledge to students in such a way that solves any kind of issues without the use of any form of violence. Mass media is an effective way to reach out to children as children are addicted to electronics. So, instead of showing aggressive behavior, they can discuss ways to eliminate violence completely. Hence, I would like to conclude that school violence is a social problem and steps should be undertaken to wipe out any form of radical, violent behavior in the school premises.

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Easy access to schools by outsiders makes learners and educators easy victims of people who enter the premises unnoticed and leave after assaulting learners or educators, or selling drugs. The above findings are consistent with literature De Wet, ; Van Jaarsveld, Indiscipline results in school violence and makes the school environment non-conducive to learning and teaching.

Indiscipline can be linked to chaos and loss of time, hence no effective teaching and learning can take place.

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For example, the majority of the learner respondents in this study reported that a great amount of time was lost whilst trying to resolve violence related problems. Garegae concurs with these findings. Most educators in South Africa have been exposed to the situations described above. It is inconceivable that a learner could stab or shoot a classmate and come back and sit in the same classroom with him or her. Educators who participated in this study were not happy with the rules and regulations imposed by the DoE.

Vally, Dolombisa and Porteus found that, "The rampant violence against students and school staff has been pervasive, disruptive and has severely impeded South Africa's schools in their efforts to improve education and address issues of equity in communities where it is most needed".

This suggests that the effect of school violence on learning and teaching is devastating and, as a result, the educational goals of schools cannot be attained. In addition, educators are forced to deal with large classes of more than 60 learners in one class. Both learners and educators reported that overcrowded classes are a problem because misbehaviour goes unnoticed and the rate of theft is very high. Furthermore, the educators reported that overcrowded classes are difficult to control and this impacts negatively on the academic performance of learners.

Literature available De Wet, ; Matsoga, supports the above findings.

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Causes of school violence. Effects of school violence on learning and teaching. The learners interviewed reported that bullying affects them negatively. The study also found that school violence had the following effects on learners: poor academic per- formance; bunking of classes; chaos and lost time; and depression. These findings concur with the literature De Wet, ; Prinsloo, ; Smit, This study investigated the nature, causes and effects of school violence on schools.

The study revealed that school violence is a global problem that requires an integrated approach where educators, parents and learners work together. The study found that bullying, vandalism, gangsterism, indiscipline, intolerance, and corporal punishment were the most prevalent forms of school violence in schools. It also found that school violence had the following effects on learners: loss of concentration; poor academic performance; bunking of classes; chaos and lost time; and depression.

All these causes of school violence have a negative impact on learning and teaching. Based on the findings, the following recommendations should be implemented in order to reduce school violence:. Challenges and suggestions for safe schools. The Clearing House, Accessed 10 June Burton P Dealing with school violence in South Africa. Accessed 18 June Chabedi M State power, violence, crime and everyday life: A case study of Soweto in post-apartheid South Africa.

How resilient adolescent learners in a township school cope with school violence: A case study. Unpublished PhD thesis. Johannesburg: University of Johannesburg. Designing and conducting mixed methods research.

Increased Violence in Schools

Research at grass roots for the social sciences and human service professions 4th ed. Pretoria: Van Schaik Publishers. De Wet C School violence in Lesotho: The perceptions, experiences and observations of a group of learners. South African Journal of Education, Ensuring safe school environments: Exploring Issues-Seeking Solutions. Garegae KG The crisis of student discipline in Botswana schools: An impact of culturally conflicting disciplinary strategies. Education Research and Review, Harber C Schooling and violence in South Africa: Creating a safer school.

Intercultural Education, School effectiveness and school improvement in context: The case of South Africa. School Effectiveness and School Improvement, Human Rights Commission Report of public hearing on school-based violence.

Johannesburg: Human Rights Commission. Human Rights Watch A violent education: Corporal punishment of children in US public schools.

How to Make a Safer School

New York: Human Rights Watch. South African children: A history of adversity, violence and trauma. Educators' disciplinary capabilities after the banning of corporal punishment in South African schools. Matsoga JT USA: Ohio University. Accessed 11 June Prinsloo J The criminological significance of peer victimization in public schools in South Africa.

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Child Abuse Research, Operational assessment areas of verbal, physical and relational peer victimisation in relation to prevention of school violence in public schools in Tshwane South. Acta Criminologica, Smit E School violence: Tough problems demand smart answers. Child Abuse Research in South Africa, Violence in South African schools. Current issues in comparative education, Van Jaarsveld L Violence in schools: A security problem?

Violence as an impediment to a culture of teaching and learning in some South African schools. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Services on Demand Article. English pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation. Access statistics.

Cited by Google Similars in Google. According to Harber and Muthukrishna , "schools in urban areas, particularly townships are regularly prey to gangsterism. Statement of the research problem The escalation of violence in South African schools has led researchers to conclude that schools are rapidly and increasingly becoming arenas for violence, not only between pupils but also between teachers and pupils, interschool rivalries, and gang conflict Prinsloo, ; Van Jaarsveld, Method Research design A sequential mixed method approach was used in this study.

Sample A purposive sample of five principals, 20 educators and 80 learners was used in this study. Instruments Questionnaires and interviews were used to collect data on educators' and learners' experience of school violence. Data collection The purpose of the study was explained to the participants before they completed the questionnaire. Data analysis Quantitative data were analysed using percentages and tables. Trustworthiness All participants were assured that all data collected during interviews was confidential and would only be used for purposes of the study.

Ethical considerations Permission to conduct this study was authorised by the University Ethics Committee where the study was carried out. Results The results of this study are presented using themes and frequency tables. Learner participants' understanding of school violence The learners gave various accounts of school violence and what they understood as school violence.

High crime rate and violence in communities It can be seen from Table 2 that violence in communities is widespread. Indiscipline and intolerance The learners reported that indiscipline is one of the major problems that affect schools negatively. Safety and protection of victims of violence on school premises Easy access to schools also contributes to the escalation of school violence. Effects on teaching Educators perceived the following as effects of school violence on teaching: a No effective teaching takes place when learners are uncontrollable, ill-disciplined, and unmanageable; b The morale of the educators becomes very low and educators are completely demotivated.

Discussion Most learners had a clear understanding of the forms of school violence prevalent in their schools. Forms of school violence in schools The study revealed that the most common form of violence is bullying; this was confirmed by most learner respondents in their schools.

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