Microsoft corporation case study analysis

An Overview of Microsoft

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Microsoft Discovers the Training Power of the Unbroken Circle

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Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Wasim Parmar , Working at first source Follow. Published in: Business. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Su Hlaing. Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Microsoft corporation case analysis 1. Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft is the leading and the largest Software Company in the world. Found by WilliamGates and Paul Allen in Microsoft has grown and become a multibillion company inonly ten years.

Company dramaticgrowth and success was driven by development and marketing of operational systems andpersonal productivity applications software. Itdepends heavily on learning by doing rather than learn and then do it. The company recruitsyoung and talented specialists from colleges and universities. The company is well known to look for four important qualities in all-new hires: Ambition, IQ, Technical expertise, and Business judgment. Experienced employees conduct interviews and it is very important to note that the teammanagers are the people that actually hire, not the recruiters.

That gives the managers theflexibility of selecting and hiring the best of the best. It is an interesting fact that only two tothree percent of all recruits expressing an interest in Microsoft are hired. Once hired the newemployees are assigned to teams where they start doing projects by close supervision. Thenew employees are expected to know the specifics of their job responsibilities and how toperform different tasks.

That is why in May Microsoft launched the new MicrosoftSkills initiative. The purpose of Skills is to reduce the growing gap betweencompany needs and available skills by reaching out to employees in the computing work 2. Microsoft pays relatively lowsalaries and often does not pay for overtime, but employees are compensated by excellentbenefits.

Microsoft has anti-bureaucratic atmosphere that gives theemployees the freedom to take risks. Microsoft has been criticized about not training its new employees. Today in the softwarebusiness new hires are required to know the material and the specifics of their jobresponsibilities.

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Also, they are assigned to more experienced employees, where they can learnduring the work process. To help applicants to the Skills program determine their technical aptitude, Microsoftoffers an online Information Technology Aptitude Tool.

Microsoft case study

The tool also describes technical training to help users develop the skills they need for thecareer categories that best suit them, helping them set a course for a new career. Compensation for these newly trained Microsoft Certified Professionals varies. If recruiters are searching for staff from this group, they will gain highly motivatedemployees who are certified in the latest Microsoft technologies as systems engineers,developers, or trainers. Creating the Microsoft Skills program was a great idea for recruitment. At the end thecompany is not only having the brightest and the most talented workers, but is also makingprofit from training and developing their future employees.

Microsoft is using two types of training for its employees:- On-the-Job training where new employees learn from more experienced coworkers. Thistype of training is based mostly on practice at the workplace. Mostly this type of training is performed inclassrooms and it is more theory than practice. The first method is more Microsoft alike, even though the company requires that allemployees must take refreshment classes.

Feedback from training is very important for thecompany performance. Once trained the company is concentrating on developing people. Diversity is a part of Microsoft culture and recruitment program. Both of them were created in order to attract and keep talented employees whocome from a wide variety of backgrounds.

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Externally Microsoft actively seeks to bring thebenefits of information technology to underrepresented individuals and communities. Within the company diversity takes place in the form of diversity education and recruitment,supplier diversity, diversity awards and recognition, etc.

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  • Workforce from around the globeToday Microsoft tries to concentrate its workforce outside of the United States in order toreduce labor costs. Countries like India and China offer a lot cheaper labor and the samequality of work. Also, foreign laws and regulations are often a lot more flexible than theseexisting in the United States.

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    That is why the company prefers to developtheir products overseas. Undoubtedly Bill Gates is the person whose vision and talent brought Microsoft where it isnow — the biggest Software Company in the world. Nowadays the majority of people define Microsoft Corporation as the leading company in the field of software. Almost all Microsoft products are complementary to a member of the Windows family of operating systems for personal computers and servers Economides, , p.

    Secondly, one can reveal the present position of Microsoft Corporation on the worldwide market with the help of analyzing concrete case studies. The first case study shows that Microsoft helps business companies to be successful.

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    With the help of the use of Windows 8-based mobile computers, RBFCU can serve customers more promptly, calculate and post interest rates faster, and enables employees to work in different conditions Microsoft Case Studies, The second case study proves that Microsoft is helpful for people with special needs. At the Abu Dhabi Center for Autism, Microsoft through its assistive technology device the DynaVox Maestro, built on the Windows 7, helps students to communicate, interact with teachers and school peers, develop language skills, and successfully function in the society Microsoft Case Studies, The analysis of the historical development and current position of Microsoft Corporation with the help of concrete examples of case studies gives the opportunity to indicate its main benefits.

    The most significant benefit is well-organized and influential leadership. Bill Gates has developed and introduced the plan and concrete steps to adjust Microsoft to the needs of the contemporary world and be in the same league as competitors. Second advantage is a wide range of products. They appeal to the changing requirements of turbulent business world, modern society, and people with special needs in particular. Nevertheless, one should also take into consideration the drawbacks of Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft is the monopolist in the sphere of software.

    Therefore, it does not give other companies opportunity for presenting their products.

    Moreover, Tony Bove notes that Microsoft has tricked, bullied, or purchased its way to nearly total control over the computer industry. Thus, its monopoly is illegal and unethical. Finally, it is difficult to imagine what Microsoft will prepare for its users in the nearest future. Nowadays people have the possibility to use Windows on their mobile phones. Thus, it is possible that in a few years, Microsoft managers will provide users with penetration of Microsoft in almost every sphere of their life.

    For example, cars will be equipped with special small computers, based on Windows, and toys for kids will be running with the help of Microsoft applications. Thus, one might formulate the motto of changes in such a way Microsoft is everywhere. Microsoft Corporation is a leading software manufacturer in the modern world. They are as follows: determination to open the new company, the opportunity to seize the chance proposed by IBM, fighting with competitors, and constant improvement. With the help of regarded case studies with Raritan Bay Federal Credit Union and the Abu Dhabi Center for Autism, one can indicate such benefits of Microsoft as strong leadership and a wide range of productions, adjusted to the changing needs of the modern world.

    However, the biggest disadvantage of Microsoft is illegal and unethical monopolization of power. It does not give the opportunity to reveal the potential of other smaller companies.

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