Solitary confinement essay

Solitary Confinement: Far From Inhumane

This prevents the inmate from being a productive member of the community once released from imprisonment. Some of the inmates who underwent solitary confinement became hypersensitive to light and sound. This is because while in the cells they lacked these two factors so once they get exposed to the normal prison environment they perceive any form of sound as noise and act defensive.

Their concentration levels had depreciated and most of them suffered panic attacks while in their cells. Clearly, solitary confinement was a harmful to an individual as it majorly brought about psychiatric illness and as a result, it was not seen as a form of rehabilitation Guenther L. On the other hand solitary confinement was seen to be beneficial. It prevents the difficult and dangerous inmates from harming the other inmates. There are very temperamental prisoners through solitary confinement they were tamed in order for them to be a threat to the rest of the people in the prison.

Solitary confinement ensured that the tough prisoners who were desperate for freedom were not able to escape. The confinement units were built of stone with very strong steel gates.

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Some had small openings for lighting or food to be passed to the inmate. The units are normally under twenty four hour surveillance making it difficult for the criminals to make an escape. It was also a form of protection for the very vulnerable prisoners, for example; those that were not mentally stable, those whose sexual orientation, religion and race was contrary to the majority of the prisoners or those whose crimes are considered or perceived as the worst such as pedophiles.

Solitary Confinement

They were kept in solitary confinement in order for them not to be harmed by the rest of the prisoners. Solitary confinement helped in reinforcing discipline in the prisons, those found going against the prison regulations, for example; smuggling drugs, rioting and incitement, went through it in order for them to reform and not repeat the same.

It was the best method to reduce the number of suicides in the prisons.

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This was made possible as the manpower guarding the inmate monitors the individual closely therefore they find it difficult to access any potentially dangerous object to harm themselves. While in confinement, one was not allowed to handle any sharp object. It also built an individual spiritually as they were allowed to carry their Bibles with them, some prayed and repented so as to amend their broken relationship with God.

It provided advanced protection to the general public as it gave the assurance that the very hardcore criminals would not easily sneak back to the community. Solitary confinement is a good punishment to discourage the innocent citizens from committing crimes as people really value their freedom.

Solitary confinement is an invention that has been controversial all through. Nowadays solitary confinement has become very popular.

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Inmates are being sent to solitary confinement for indefinite periods of time ranging from weeks to years. An Urban. It is intended to be a place where inmates go when they violate prison rules or laws. This is only one of the three possible uses for confinement. Confinement is also used to house mentally ill patients as well as pretrial individuals. Solitary confinement is no longer necessary for society today due to the fact that the negative effects of being placed in solitude.

Solitary Confinement Effect on Prisoners Ashlee Chavez California State University Bakersfield Abstract This paper will include a review of different prison systems that have occurred in America, and how the Pennsylvania and New York or Auburn model have helped facilitate the use of solitary confinement.

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To establish the negative effects solitary confinement has on humans, this paper will provide reasons it is used, how it is used, and review conditions of solitary confinement. Literature Review The United States practices solitary confinement. In some cases the inmates who are placed in solitary confinement are not at risk of causing harm to guards. Inmates may be placed in solitary confinement for extended periods of times, ranging from weeks to even decades. Solitary confinement has long evolved from what it used.

Not too many people know what Solitary confinement is or what it can do to a human being. Solitary confinement is a special form of imprisonment.

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The prisoner is confined in a small windowless unit completely isolated from any human contact. It is a form of punishment for behavior modification beyond incarceration for a prisoner and is used as an additional measure of protection from the inmate. The issue of solitary confinement is extremely controversial and is a complicated subject to decide on.

But the truth is that an inmate can be sent to the hole for failing to return a meal tray, or for possession of contraband which can include anything from weapons to spicy tortilla chips. If anything, these numbers have increased as isolation units continue to be built in prisons, jails and juvenile detention centers across the country. Given that 95 percent of all inmates are eventually released into the public, and that many of these will be released without any form of transition or therapy, solitary confinement is a problem that potentially affects every one of us.

In my own statement for the Senate subcommittee, I made a philosophical argument against solitary confinement, drawing on my research in phenomenology. Phenomenology is a philosophical method for uncovering the structure of lived experience by describing what it is like from a first person perspective.

Rather than attempting to prove a set of objective facts, phenomenology tracks the way that a meaningful experience of the world emerges for someone in the total situation of their Being-in-the-world. What happens when that horizon shrinks to the space of a 6-by-9 cell? Consider the following testimony from prisoners interviewed by the psychiatrist Stuart Grassian in Block 10 of Walpole Penitentiary in I went to a standstill psychologically once — lapse of memory.

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I think I was drooling — a complete standstill. I seem to see movements — real fast motions in front of me. Did someone just hit me? I dwell on it for hours.

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Melting, everything in the cell starts moving; everything gets darker, you feel you are losing your vision.

solitary confinement essay Solitary confinement essay
solitary confinement essay Solitary confinement essay
solitary confinement essay Solitary confinement essay
solitary confinement essay Solitary confinement essay
solitary confinement essay Solitary confinement essay

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